Hyper ARC

Cloud Storage Scenarios

Object storage

Our object storage scenario is built to support data and high cloud-ready workloads with high-speed file transfer across our global foot-print. A service that is built to help manage costs and deliver access across a wide variety of assets like, mails, audio & video files, images, web assets etc.

File storage

Flexible enough to support and integrate with your current applications, easily deploy, maintain and manage your files across our territories. Supports you across your data and application needs.

Block storage

An enterprise-grade solution that supports key applications for data base management, enterprise resource planning, human capital management etc. Ready to offer true-low-latency and extreme performance to manage your workloads.

Hyper ARC Features

Durability and Resilience

Built to withstand stress and load, across key intervals like cyber-attacks, request for service and critical system failures.


We offer a high-available cloud scenario that is built to withstand your uptime requirements.


Our cloud governance structure keeps your onsite and offsite needs intact, avoiding any impact on your operations.


Our security-first cloud infrastructure guarantees security at every layer to ensure business continuity.

Cost Efficiency

Built with cost efficiency, flexibility and scalability on-the-fly, we deliver affordability without compromising on quality.


Adding and removing your sensitive data online is quick and painless with a user-friendly dashboard.