HyperCX DR

Your Disaster - Proof Cloud

HyperCX – DR is a built for business solution that constantly replicates content from one VM to a template on a remote cluster, and if the original cluster fails you can easily recover your asset, which will be secure and recoverable on the remote cluster.
As one of the best DR service providers globally, Redrackx is trusted by companies across industries, globally. HyperCX – DR is an assurance of business continuity for your firm, with the ability to bounce back, no matter what.

Why OPT For HyperCX - DR?

HyperCX – DR offers features crucial to developing resilient business operations; Delta backup technology to back up images of Virtual Machines to remote clusters. Preventive measures save you from extraneous dismay in time of false-alerts.
Remote data centers across global destinations protect your data assets, across major incidences. An easy-to-use platform, allowing you the capabilities to setup a custom replication process from the ease of your browser. As one of the best DR service providers locally and globally, we are primed to disrupt conventional DR practices and bring you a secure, proven, incident-mitigation scenario, that works for your business.



How Do We Do It For You?

To face disasters while maintaining services seamlessly, you need to have a fool-proof plan in place. Instantaneous recovery of data services should be and is the utmost objective.

HyperCX – DR guarantees resilient business operations in case of disasters including but not limited to the likes of earthquakes and tsunamis but also any day to day mishaps that tend to have a higher occurrence such as a power outage, a hardware failure and virtual attacks.

Pre-Disaster Prep

With our best-in-class disaster recovery process, we backup your data assets on remote clusters via:

Primary Replication

As an initial set-up of our cloud services, all your data assets are replicated to the HyperCX – DR cloud in a remote location to prevent any disasters in your region from affecting your data.

Scheduled Backups

HyperCX – DR schedules regular backup regimes to upload any new data from the client servers to the cloud into the remote clusters where the initial replica is saved. These backups provide you a peace a mind, needed in light of any unanticipated catastrophes.