HyperCX Vault

Introducing the Fully Automated Cloud Infrastructure

for your Business

Safe and Secure, Easy to Use Backup Solution

With the ongoing cyber-attacks lurking on the digital realm, it’s essential to be prepared with solutions that safeguard your sensitive data while you focus on more important tasks. If your organization is handling sensitive data, you need to incorporate HyperCX Vault to protect your system from all cyber threats or unforeseen calamities.

It will also act as a failsafe where HyperCX Vault is a backup server present in the same geographical location but working on a separate physical server. In case of a loss of server, you can revert to the previous version and still carry out tasks without losing any sensitive data.

What it offers?

  • HyperCX Vault is a robust backup solution that keeps versioning Virtual Machine’s (VM’s) images.
  • It allows customers to create backups and control them swiftly. Also, decide whether to keep backups, how to configure them, and store them.
  • It gives you the option to backup and restores whenever needed. However, in case of any *Natural disaster, all the data might not be safe and secure.
  • It offers a disaster recovery option that backs up sensitive data to a remote location.